Facilitators on Fire Rewind: 2023

Let's get you caught up on tips and tools to grow your facilitation business.

I know it’s tough to get through all those emails and newsletters—same for me. Here’s a quick summary of 2023 reader favorites from Facilitators on Fire 🔥.

🔥 Top 5 facilitation business topics of the year:

  1. 15 Ways Facilitators Add Value. 
    I asked my followers on social media what facilitators help their clients do better. These are the top 15 answers. There’s a free poster to download too.

  2. 10 How-to Guides to Help You Plan 2024. 
    Turns out the #2 post of 2023 was about 2024. I shared a bunch of strategies to reflect on the past year and plan for the next one. These tips work just as well any time of year.

  3. A Free Customizable Budgeting Tool For Your Facilitation Business. 
    This was a quick follow-up to a post about how you can guarantee your facilitation business never runs out of cash, where I shared budgeting tips from experts.

  4. Are You Selling Something? Tell Your People. 
    Ideas from two coaches I pay attention to (one of them is my friend John Meyer). If you are waiting for customers to ask you to sell them something, good luck.

  5. Is “Buy Human” the New “Buy Local?” 
    I’ve become a wannabe AI nerd over the past year. A short post about anti-AI marketing for your facilitation business. I mean, the robots can’t hold space, right?

Just for fun, here’s a list I made of 10 books that influence my life every day.

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