15 Ways Facilitators Add Value

Use this list to tell your audience how hiring a facilitator makes everything work better.

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  1. A list my social media followers helped make: “15 things facilitators help you do better.”

  2. It’s Facilitation Week.

Happy facilitation week! 🎉

The International Association of Facilitators has declared this week the 10th annual Facilitation Week. There’s still time to participate.

You do a million things 😇

But I distilled it down to 15 things. 15 ways facilitators add value for clients, groups, and communities. I know it’s a very incomplete list, and that’s OK. The point is to build enough intrigue so potential clients ask you for more.

I asked my followers on Facebook and LinkedIn to help me make a list of ways facilitators add value. Many ideas came flowing in—including plenty from clients, not facilitators.

We can help people connect with each other, coming to deeper understanding with each other, realize that we are not alone with whatever issue it is, and offer ways for a group to stay in the “not knowing” for long enough for it to be fruitful.

Mary Alice Arthur, responding to my Facebook post

15 Things Facilitators Help You Do Better 📈

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