Ten how-to guides to help you plan 2024

Tools to chart your new year, all from the newsletters in my inbox.

Happy 2024! 🥳 🎉🎆 

There’s plenty of time to make your plan for 2024. And who says your 2023 reflection has to happen before Jan 1?

I subscribe to a bunch of email newsletters. Way more than is probably useful. But I use Hey! Email and it makes reading newsletters a great experience compared to Gmail or Outlook.

Ten of the newsletters I read this past week offered strategies for planning a strong and happy 2024. Here’s a list for you.

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“There’s an energy to the start of a new year that inspires us. It calls us toward the best version of ourselves.”

Anthony Robbins

1. Year Compass 2024. 🧭

I used this tool for 2023 and am finishing up my 2024 Year Compass today. It’s a free pdf booklet with reflection exercises and planning questions. And you don’t even need to give them your email.

2. Jesse Itzler’s “Plan 2024 in 24 minutes” video 🎥

This video is longer than 24 minutes, but you can skip the first part where he’s welcoming people into the live recording and introducing himself (unless you want to learn more about Jesse—he’s pretty interesting). You can also skip the last 15-ish minutes if you are not interested in Jesse’s course/community he is offering for 2024.

Here are 5 big takeaways I caught in the video:

  1. Clean out your clutter to close out the year.

  2. Make a plan to play offense, not defense, in 2024 with a “Big Ass Wall Calendar.”

  3. Commit to one big, year-defining “Misogi.” (Jesse uses this term for his practice of focusing on one word for the year. I use this practice too.)

  4. Commit to one “Kevin’s Rule” mini-adventure every 2 months. (I’m starting this one in 2024!)

  5. Add one winning habit for each quarter. Just one at a time.

3. Josh Spector’s “Say You Want a Resolution?” List ✅

11 resolution ideas you can try. I’m going with #1: “Resolve to stop talking about what you want to do and only talk about what you’ve done.”

4. Jocelyn Glei says we can’t do 2024 alone ❤️

Here’s some advice on going slow, remembering who you are, and opening up to more community and support in 2024.

5. Five Keys to Rise in 2024 from Tony Robbins 🌅

The guru of personal development says 95% of new year’s resolutions are abandoned by the second week of January. Today’s LinkedIn newsletter from Tony outlines 5 ways to resolve to change in 2024, not just set intentions.

6. Gibrán Rivera on setting a personal MVP for 2024 🏆

My friend Gibrán Rivera invites us to set a personal MVP for 2024. That’s “Minimum Viable Philosophy.” He’s also starting a new paid cohort to help you build your self care practices in 2024.

7. Ben Meer’s 7 superhuman challenges 💪

Here’s a list of principle-first new year challenges, each scored with the “Superhuman System.” My wife and I are set to try the “30-Day Minimalism Game.”

8. Reflection Questions from Farnam Street’s Shane Parrish 🧠

Grab this free downloadable reflection and planning guide from the “Great Mental Models” guy.

9. Sahil Bloom’s 2024 Annual Planning Guide 🌸

You can download this 7 question guide for free. It contains a framework for 4 types of goals and a system to help you think, track, and adjust. He also provides an audio recording explaining it.

10. The Daily Stoic’s “New Year, New You” challenge course 🤔

This is a paid 21-day challenge course, and it starts today, Jan 1. It includes three live video calls with Ryan Holiday, which seems like that alone might be worth the 99 bucks. (I have no affiliation but I have completed a couple of Daily Stoic courses and found them valuable.)

And just for fun, here’s a Bowtie New Year blessing from my favorite economist, Elliot Eisenberg.

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