Are you selling something? Tell your people.

How to upsell to your facilitation client community.

Ideas inside:

  1. Taki Moore on building community.

  2. John Meyer on selling add-ons.

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Make your pitch about building a community

Maybe that “buy this” could instead be a “join this?”

I’ve been following Taki Moore for about a year. He does sell stuff. But he builds community first by giving away LOTS of value for free, no strings attached. I’ve never paid him for anything, but I’m darn sure part of his community of followers.

Screenshot of Taki Moore on Threadss

But the bigger lesson, I think, is that he “auditions” his clients. By creating many interactions (plus always offering a chat or phone call), he can learn the pains and problems of those community members and recognize which ones he is a good fit to help.

“Customers won’t ask for it if they don’t know what you are selling.“

John Meyer

Tell customers what you sell

On the other hand, if you have your customer’s attention and you don’t let them know what else you offer for sale, they will never ask for it.

John Meyer explains in this 30-second video how his former company increased sales by up to 20% just by including “add-on options” to their proposals.

screenshot of John Meyer video on Threadss

I’ve done this for years and two things have increased:

  1. Upsells (“OK, let’s add that harvest report too”), and

  2. Future contracts (“Hey, we’d like to take the next step you had in that proposal.”)

What are your add-ons?

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