Hey facilitators, let's stop looping

Learn to make better decisions by sketching it out.

Ideas and tools inside:

  1. Tony Robbins and Mr. Ligtenberg on better decision-making.

  2. How to draw on napkins.

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Stop making big decisions in your head

Anthony Robbins says all decision-making is better after you have put a pen on paper. It’s a great way to stop the endless loop of thinking and discover what you really want to do.

Whenever I was stuck, my high school physics teacher Mr. Ligtenberg told me “sketch it, Joe Bart!” He was right.

“Sometimes what feels complex in our own heads becomes vastly simplified on paper.“

Anthony Robbins

Grab a napkin and a pen

You’re a facilitator. Maybe you are even a graphic facilitator. If you have your clients sketching or drawing or writing things out on sticky notes to help them figure things out, why not do it for yourself too? I don’t mean in the space, I mean in YOUR space.

I’m kind of particular about my notebooks and pens. But a napkin works great too.

And just for fun, here are 17 napkin sketches by famous architects.

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