You need to give a pep talk to yourself

You gotta believe in you.

Ideas and tools inside:

  1. My pep talk to myself.

  2. 50 examples to help you write your own self-pep talk.

  3. Lin Manuel Miranda and Kid President give you pep talks.

Here’s my pep talk to myself

Running a facilitation business is hard. The facilitating part takes tons of prep, travel, and follow-up. It’s easy to talk yourself into feeling like the business stuff isn’t for you.

I found this note I had written a few years back. I wrote it to remind myself of some things while interviewing for a major project.

  1. You are more powerful than you think.

  2. You know yourself, know your realm, and know better than to be a know-it-all.

  3. Do not hold yourself back by being tricked into believing in the doubt and lies you quietly say to yourself.

  4. You are relentless.

  5. You are all the energy in this universe, condensed.

  6. I love you. I am listening.

  7. Be calm. You’re ready for this. You’ve got this.

  8. Be excited for the next era you are stepping into.

My thing is, you don’t need anyone else to empower you; you can empower yourself. Whether it’s a pep talk or putting on a good shade of lipstick, whatever you need to do, do it, but be yourself.

Ayesha Curry

Write your own pep talk

For reals. You deserve this. Go do it right now. Here’s a list of examples to help you. 

Need some affirmation from someone else?

Good morning.
You got a good head on your shoulders.
As for your shoulders?
F***ing magnificent.
GO get ’em today.

I love Lin-Manuel’s little book of pep talks. If you need a boost now and again, it’s a good one to pick up. And hey, everybody needs some classic Kid President in their life.

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