How Alex Hormozi got over 500,000 people to show up for a book party

Plus a free course on getting tons of new leads for your facilitation business.

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  1. The greatest lead-generating project I’ve ever seen.

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How Alex Hormozi got over 500,000 people to show up for his book release event

Yesterday I joined a live broadcast by Alex Hormozi, the white-tank-top-and-flannel-wearing bodybuilder who has become one of the biggest voices in growing a business. And he knows what he’s talking about—he and his wife Leila have built businesses worth $100s of millions in the past 5 years.

The event was a release party for his second book, $100 Million Leads: How to Get Strangers to Want Your Stuff. You can watch the recording of the whole event right here. It’s pretty unreal how he got such a huge audience to show up to hear the summary and be able to buy his new book early.

He did it following the four lead-generating approaches from his book. We won’t be able to break them down until the book shows up, but below I’ll share a way you can get all the goods right now. Below are the basics I learned from his event yesterday. But first…

What’s a “lead?”

In case this lingo is new to you, a lead is someone who 1) you can contact and 2) who might be interested in buying your stuff.

For us facilitators, that means anyone who might want to pay you for a workshop, a strategy session, coaching, or whatever you offer to your clients.

You’re not getting as many customers as you want because you’re not getting enough leads. It’s as simple as that.

Alex Hormozi

Alex’s $100 Million Leads - the basics

There are two types of audiences for your facilitation business:

  1. Warm audience: These are your people! They know who you are. Maybe they're following you on social media, have bought from you before, or they're your friends. The key thing is, they know YOU, even if you don't know them. They've given you the green light to reach out to them

  2. Cold audience: These are people who don't know you from Adam, and you definitely don't have permission to reach out. You might find them on platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn or they might be part of someone else's following. The relationship isn’t there yet, but that doesn't mean you can't build it.

There are two types of communication to your audience:

  1. Outbound Communication: This is a one-to-one private communication. You reach out to one person at a time, and nobody else sees the message—an email, DM, text, call, direct mail (yep, some people still do that), etc.

  2. Inbound Communication. This approach is one-to-many in a public way where anybody can see it—social media posts, paid ads, podcasts, keynotes, webinars, etc.

Alex’s “Core Four” ways to advertise and get leads.

According to Alex, these are the ONLY ways one person on their own can advertise. (He defines advertising simply as letting people know about your stuff.)

  1. Warm outreach. This is where you contact every person you know and tell them about what you offer that’s valuable. Warm audience + outbound communication.

  2. Post free content. Let me sum this one up quickly. Post tons of stuff on social media. Tons. This one takes a long time to build momentum, but over time, it builds your audience and improves every kind of advertising. Warm audience + inbound communication.

  3. Cold outreach. Contacting people who don’t know you yet is the oldest marketing approach in the world—knocking on doors. You might have heard it referred to as “cold calling,” and that might have felt icky to you. I get it, me too. But Alex shared some ways you can do this by paying for lists or just hard work research. It doesn’t have to be icky at all. Cold audience + outbound communication.

  4. Run Paid Ads. We all get grumpy about ads, but they just work. And the ads that will work best for your facilitation business are not the annoying TV ones. Paid ads are about interrupting someone else’s valuable content to show their audience your stuff. You can do this very effectively these days through social media and search ads. Cold audience + inbound communication.

You probably suck at this. For now. It’s because you are new.

Alex Hormozi

The way I see it, this process is simple but definitely not easy. It’ll take hard work and dedication to learn the craft. I think it’s going to be worth it.

Get a free book and other stuff from me.

When I read Alex’s first book, $100 Million Offers, it changed the whole way I look at developing products for my business and for the nonprofit I lead. (I’ll do a full review of that book sometime soon.)

The event drew over half a million people and sold out 2/3 of the total books in print within 20 minutes. If there are any left, you can get yours here. (Otherwise, the Kindle version is on sale now, but I think it’ll go down to $.99 soon.)

I bought 3 of them. It’ll get me a cool hat like Alex wears so I can fanboy out. 😉 But the cool part for you is I’m giving two copies away to Vitamin F readers.

Just reply to this email with “send me a book” and I’ll draw 2 random winners and ship it to you for free. I’m eager to get my copy and dig into it with you. Maybe we’ll set up a virtual book club.

The best advertising course out there - free

At the end of Alex’s event yesterday he shared a link to a 17-video course that outlines the concepts in $100 Million Leads. It’s everything in the book, plus more. And totally free.

I’m about halfway through it already. It’s really good. Simple and to the point, with diagrams hand-drawn by Alex. Even though it’s about advertising, he’s not trying to sell you anything. He’s looking for businesses to invest in, and this is how he gets leads.


Alex Hormozi’s $100M Leads Free Course

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